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My Reaction While Watching *NSync Reunite At The VMAs In GIFs

Reblogged from Brittany Caitlin Announcer announces Justin Timberlake not singing fullly solo and I'm like Justin is performing and I'm like  *NSync appears on my tv first I'm…
lainie Aug 26, 2013 Originally by brittanycaitlin
img 5599pic
lainie Mar 21, 2013
instalainie - Januarypic
ET Phone Home.pic
lainie Oct 31, 2012

dear buzznet,

i'm sorry i've been neglecting you and haven't been posting pictures recently. :( i'm going to do a major upload later today. :) love, lainie. ps. hope everyone…
lainie Oct 30, 2012

William Beckett Holding Benefit Show For Ex TAI Bandmate

Reblogged from Sara Scoggs William Beckett may be out on a solo musical journey, but he has not forgotten his The Academy Is…bandmates in the least. Andy Mrotek, aka…
lainie Aug 03, 2012 Originally by sarascoggins

Summer Playlist: Warped Edition

Reblogged from littledollface "Little Devotional" by Taking Back Sunday (Where You Want To Be, 2004) "Party, Fun, Love & Radio" by We The Kings (Party, Fun, Love…
lainie Jul 10, 2012 Originally by littledollface
IG 128pic
lainie Apr 09, 2012

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes | Matters of Grey

i'm going to attempt to make these today! wish me luck. :) hahah
lainie Dec 20, 2011
life has been made! i can die happy.. sorta hahapic
lainie Nov 16, 2011
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i'm lydia but my friends call me lainie.

life ∙ music ∙ photography ∙ traveling ∙ concerts ∙ shows ∙ friends ∙ family ∙ boys ∙ tattoos ∙ aliens ∙ ufos ∙ zombies ∙ star wars ∙ the goonies (:


aliens, concerts, friends, life, music, photography, star wars, the goonies, ufos, zombies

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i can listen to mostly everything

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anything with zombies, love em! can watch mostly anything, star wars, the goonies

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are you there vodka its me chelsea, cosmopolitan, i looooove to read!, perks of being wallflower, pride and prejudice and zombies, zombie survival guide

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